"Ancient Starlight"

ancient starlight - little sister 2500 72.jpg
ancient starlight - little sister 2500 72.jpg

"Ancient Starlight"

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We all come from stardust, ancient and vast as the universe itself.


While studying and traveling through Indonesia, I had the opportunity to stay with several amazingly generous families across Bali and Java, people who continually opened their homes, hearts, and sometimes even insisted on offering me their only bed. It was the most humbling experience of my life so far. This starlight was my Balinese little sister, "Kadek"—a name often given to second-born females in Indonesia. We lived together, shared giggles, and sometimes even explored the countryside hand-in-hand for over three months. This day was a special, auspicious holiday, and we shared this moment together in the family temple space while wearing our traditional Pakaian Adat clothing.

With a radiant light that illuminates her whole being, Kadek helps remind me that we all come from the dust of stars. We are vast beyond measure, no matter how small or young our temporary human form may be, and we can accomplish wonders if we choose to dance with the light that we shine.


Location: Bedulu, Bali, Indonesia
Limited Edition. © Kaya Satori Photography / The Barefootprint, 2011.
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