"Celebration of Life"

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prayer flag celebration.jpg

"Celebration of Life"

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((( Mantra )))

Every breath is a gift.

Every moment, an opportunity.


As I bow down on hands and knees after my morning meditations, touching my forehead to the ground, then lips, smelling the earth, the grass, flowers wet with dew, I feel the whole world wrap around me as if in a giant hug gathering from behind, then fully surround—warmth of sun, thunder rippling sky into sea, breeze making music of every floating bit of life surrounding me, sounds and shivers and movement enveloping my centered stillness. The moment feels infinite. It stretches my heart so big that I smile like a little kid as tears pour. Gratitude literally washes over me, and silently I cry, from feeling pure and simple joy to be alive.

Location: Trek in the Himalayas above Nako, Spiti Valley, India
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