"On the Edge of Infinity"

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"On the Edge of Infinity"

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((( Mantra )))

I am in union with breaths of ancient wisdom at every moment.

I am always invited to meet the present, always being welcomed home.


I lived in India alone for six months, traversing some of the most difficult to reach, rarely travelled places, often living for less than a dollar a day. People ask me, "Weren't you scared?" I inhale a deep breath, rooted & rising in gratitude. Then try to explain the wordless, vague & vast, beyond-explanation feeling of learning to trust our own intuition. "I have never felt more safe & at home." The Stillness of inner knowing. I learned the quiet voice inside that I'd doubted throughout my life, it could be profoundly trusted.

Spiti Valley is a mystical, tucked-away land, high in the Himalayas, only reachable for a month or so each year. The few travelers who venture here, usually hire a private jeep & stay for a two-week permit on what is labeled "the most dangerous road in the world." In awe of Spiti's magic & rawness, I chose to venture back when at the exit, spending over a month exploring by local bus, motorcycle, bicycle, foot, & hitchhiking into side corridors such as Pin Valley with its immense glacier & into Chitkul with two Indian filmmakers for NatGeo where we trekked just a mile from the border of Tibet.

I had witnessed a bus that tumbled off a cliffside just a day before, sat beside babies throwing up for day-long journeys, crammed five people to a small seat, & climbed on top of buses to strap on my pack, trusting it to a bungee & Himalayan wind. I slept in 1000-year-old monasteries, played music in cliffside caves, & trekked at over 15,000 feet to towns unreachable by road. Yet something still called me.

Nako is a tiny town with a vivid teal lake, strewn with rainbows of prayers flags. To capture this, I trekked above town, climbed a stone cliff & took this while balancing about 200 feet high. It's the one moment from India I felt dangerously close to "death" to bring the light of a photo to life. I felt the image call me here, yet I trembled with fear of my ability to safely climb & descend from this spot. When I chose to trust myself even more deeply, the whole experience transformed. I felt strong, still, at peace. On the Edge of Infinity.

Location: Trek in the Himalayas above Nako, Spiti Valley, India
Limited Edition. © Kaya Satori Photography / The Barefootprint, 2014.


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