presence - unseen thread 2500 72.jpg
presence - unseen thread 2500 72.jpg


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May I choose today to give and receive true presence with others.

May I shine my light and also see the light of those around me.


I am drawn by a presence―a being, half in shadow, half in light, toes in dust. As my friends walk onwards, I linger―connection; wordless. There exists this moment between "strangers," especially those who cannot communicate through a common language. A magical moment occurs when two souls really look, fully see, and allow being opened into the depths in return. Feeling as if an imaginary thread joins us, I recognize him as a brother of curiosity. He gazes out at the streets, no one beside him, but with all the company of the world. I see you, too.

Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
Limited Edition. © Kaya Satori Photography / The Barefootprint, 2014.
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