"Sacred Temples Endless"

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sacred temples endless.jpg

"Sacred Temples Endless"

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((( Mantra )))

Each and every being is a temple.

From human being to cow to stone,

to each may we give reverence and respect.


May our light and love reach out to everything, just as the sun's light pours all across the Earth. To the spider and even the smallest ant, to the storm in its brief existence and to mountains that live much slower than we can take in with a single human life, may we know that every single one is vital, and may we honor each as sacred.

In the oldest religion of the world, Hinduism, every being is held sacred, but cows are particularly honored. Cows are symbols of earth and represent all of life. Honoring the cow is believed to inspire connection with nature and greater gentleness, a virtue of Hinduism that promotes non-violence or "ahimsa." Just as the cow takes nothing but water and grass, yet gives its milk, so does the liberated soul give of her spiritual knowledge and choose to live simply. As powerful reflections of wisdom into our lives, cows teach us to be caretakers of the Earth.

The temple photographed here is part of the ancient Hindu pilgrimage site of Galtaji, but whereas the other temples have "kunds" filled with spring water in which pilgrims bathe, this temple is dedicated to "Surya," the Sun God in Hinduism. Built on the town's highest peak, the Sun Temple or "Diwan Kriparam" overlooks the "Pink City" of Jaipur and the sun's movement across it.

Location: Sun Temple at the Ancient Hindu Pilgrimage Site of Galtaji Temple, Khania-Balaji, near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Limited Edition. © Kaya Satori Photography / The Barefootprint, 2014.
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