One of Kaya Satori's first shows in Coral Springs, FL 2017


About The Artist

Kaya Satori is a world-renowned film and digital photographer, who has spent the last nine years traveling across the globe to witness and capture the unseen. The visions for many of her photographs, she has foreseen while dreaming. 

Having begun film photography at the age of five, Kaya uses mostly darkroom-edit techniques, believing in capturing the true perfection that nature already holds and waiting for when the moment truly speaks. Kaya usually captures only one to a few shots in a single setting, as she feels that the emotion & energy of the moment is indeed transferred to become the light of each photograph. 

Believing in the power of sacrifice, Kaya has given her heart’s complete dedication to living for this art. She has spent years living in and exploring countries across five continents, even staying with locals in developing countries and learning rare local languages in order to find some of the Earth’s most unseen places. Kaya has also taken weeklong treks, spent years living from a backpack, by van, or in nature, even camping on ice as well as in the Himalayan snow to bring these visions into reality.

Kaya tries to live constantly present and ready to capture the perfection that sometimes only appears for the briefest instant, while other times, she patiently waits for an entire day or even years for a single image. 

“Nature is becoming distanced from us in our world, so I live to bring the wonder of nature to people again. For spectators to continually cry as they are pulled to my photographs & remember, to give a touch of the magic some may have forgotten, it gives me the dedication to keep living for this art.” - Kaya Satori

Kaya offers her photographs printed through a direct-transfer process into the highest-quality dye-sublimation metal in the industry and limits editions to 250, which are further limited to only 50 made of the largest-size options of six foot, nine foot, and 12-foot wide. Any size can be shipped (with custom wooden crates built for larger sizes) and usually takes between three days to two weeks to arrive at your door. Kaya also offers her prints on other mediums by request and limited availability of matted paper prints available as well. Free in-home or business consultations offered on a limited-availability basis.

- - - - -

Kaya's favorite expedition thus far is India, where she backpacked for six months from the chaotic capital of Delhi to an ashram in a tiny Himalayan town, where she earned her yoga teaching certification, to Dharamsala, the Tibetan refuge where she met the Dalai Lama and first began climbing the Himalayas. Kaya also spent four weeks taking local buses, motorcycles, trekking, and even hitchhiking through Spiti Valley, a place only reachable for about a month every year, known for having "the most dangerous road in the world." There, she stayed in some of the oldest monasteries on Earth, learned from Tibetan monks, and ventured even deeper into Pin Valley, where she celebrated one of the holiest days of the year with the townspeople and enjoyed delicious feasts together. Kaya also traveled deep into the deserts of Rajasthan, nearly crossing the border of Pakistan by camel.

The belief in living mindfully and sustainably moves Kaya's life, which is partly why her favorite medium for photography is metal and why she created "The Barefootprint." With each of her images, Kaya hopes to illuminate the wisdom and magic ever-present within the world all around us―from tales of inspiration to the power of vulnerability, reminders of sacred mirrors to the wisdom of stillness, the bliss that's always available to us to how each experience guides us closer home. In the form of a mantra, Kaya offers with each photograph the teachings and reminders she feels breathed to her at each sacred space, revealed at the moment when the magic pours through, which then becomes the light of each photograph.


Kaya Satori founded The Barefootprint in January 2014 with the lens and focus of exploring how to live as sustainably and mindfully as possible. Rather than leaving a large carbon footprint, especially through the life of travel, The Barefootprint encourages "to leave a bare footprint, to travel barefoot and free, with nothing left behind but these prints and imprints." As prints instead, Kaya offers her photos and writing.

The focus of sustainability is partly why Kaya Satori utilizes dye-sublimation metal printing for her photography. Not only do her particular metal prints offer the highest-quality printing available in the industry, but they also offer the most durable, sustainable option for our Earth.