"Vulnerable Strength"

 © 2016; Kaya Satori.

WHY METAL Prints? 

Metal prints not only save about 70% of the usual cost because of no need to mat, frame, or protect with glass, but they save materials as well, while also providing the most long-lasting, durable preservation option in the print industry. Unlike other metal prints you may find, the metal prints of Kaya Satori are guaranteed archival quality for 140 years with resistance to the elements, from sun and rain to even dust or fire, and as our patient Earth home evolves, so too can these prints change forms, as metal is infinitely recyclable and at the lowest energy expenditure to do so.

Metal prints also bare it all; they reveal more detail with greater clarity and illumination than any other medium available. Kaya believes in taking sincere care and patience when composing her images, so she wishes for full transparence when sharing the moment and experience with you. Metal prints use a special process called dye sublimation which opens up the pores of the metal, and through heat and pressure, actually infuses the image directly into the metal, beneath the surface of the metal substrate. 

Kaya's printing lab is also a Green Certified Business and has received many environmental awards, all backed by 40 years of printing experience. She has also worked with her lab in order to provide float hanger wall mounts or French cleats made from recycled materials, and she includes these free of charge with all her metal prints. This means your photos will come ready to hang and will even be provided with a special drop-light effect. There is no need for glass to protect the print, and cleaning can be done very quickly and easily with a microfiber/lens cloth.

We realize and support that everyone has different needs and tastes, so Kaya also offers her works on other mediums such as paper, acrylic, wood, and canvas in various sizes ranging up to eight-feet wide. 

For special orders, please reach out on the contact page or send us an email at KayaSatoriPhotography@gmail.com.

Kaya will happily work with you to bring light to your visions and heart's inner voice on commissioned works and occasionally does photo shoots as well.

She also offers free in-home consultations if you need help choosing photo placements and sizing.