"Guiding Each Other Home"

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guiding each other home.jpg

"Guiding Each Other Home"

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((( Mantra )))

I am teacher, and I am student.

At every moment, to all around,

I hold always the opportunity

both to teach and to learn.

Every moment guides me

closer back to home.


Rising sun. Earth cycles from darkness back into the light, remembering again its source. Just as we remind and reflect to each other, our essence, our truth that is pure light. We guide each other back to home, to what we've always known. Our celestial roots beneath the layers, beneath what we must unlearn, wait patiently for us to uncover their secrets, to one day finally return. All around us there are teachers, and we are always guiding, too. The light of wisdom pours each day across the land, our souls, and we decide where we let it shine, what learning will unfold. Oh, how empowering and illuminating, when we remember we are light beams to each other. Back and forth, our wisdom dances, spiraling and twirling us into the bliss that is our home.

Location: Sunrise at Two Medicine Bow Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III; Long-exposure
Limited Edition. Limited Editions of 250. Further limited to only 50 of largest size options.
© Kaya Satori, 2016.


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